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Pool Repairs

We offer full service repair for your broken or leaking equipment.

Not sure what the problem is? Let us troubleshoot it for you. We have a team of highly trained technicians that are able to quickly sort through your pool's plumbing and electrical systems and diagnose any issues that may arise. Whether it's a simple issue with a timer being incorrectly programmed or complicated issues with pumps, filters or plumbing, we've got you covered.


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Pump Replacement or Rebuilds

Leaking pump seals need to be sorted out quickly to prevent damage and corrosion on the motor bearings, creating an even more expensive problem.

Pool/Spa Pump Motor Time Clock Setting/Replacements

Timers running too long or not long enough cause other problems. High electricity consumption and algae growth to name a couple.

Pool Motor Installations and Replacements by Quality Manufacturers

We can replace burned out motors and often re-size it with lower horsepower or variable speed systems to save electricity cost.

Automated Valve Repairs

The motors on the valves fail and create more serious problems for your pump and plumbing if not remedied immediately (such as unintended draining of your pool or spa and running your pump dry which then requires replacement).

Pool Pump Motor Bearing Replacement

Noisy pool motors are annoying to listen to, plus the added friction in the motor draws much more electricity and and give you a larger monthly energy bill.

Pool Manual Valve Repairs or Replacement

The seals and o-rings deteriorate and causing leaks on both automatic or manual valves. Your pumps performance is can be reduced.

Pool Plumbing Repairs

If you have air bubbles exiting your circulation jets back into your pool, or you notice water accumulating around your pool equipment. It may be time to have us perform an inspection by one of our highly trained technicians.

Pool Electrical Repairs

Aged wires lose their insulation,conduit fractures or corrodes. or the copper wire strands corrode. It is imperative everything is in safe working order.

Pool Light Bulb Replacements

Light bulbs and fixtures routinely fail and need to be repaired or replaced. Sometimes the light fixture is partially full of water. We can change the bulb and reseal the gasket without draining your pool or spa, assuming the original fixture was installed correctly.

Pool Filter Repairs

Filters are an essential element for the proper functioning of your pool. We can replace worn, damaged or collapsed filter grids, replace leaking or improperly installed o-rings and many other issues that can occur. When your pool is being vacuumed dirt should not renter the pool through the returns jets, if you see this happening you more than likely have a filter problem!

Saltwater System Repairs and Replacements

If your salt system is not doing it’s job correctly, It may be due to improper salt levels, damaged cells, scaling on cells, or perhaps poor water flow. Our technicians can quickly troubleshoot and resolve any issues for you.

Chemical Shock Treatments

Rapid reduction in algae growth and or green water.

Acid Wash and Sanding

Pool surface that feel rough, sharp like sand paper or are badly stained can be an indication of improperly balanced chemicals. Don’t procrastinate or leave this job to amateurs. Unnecessary delay could cause your plaster to be damaged beyond a simple repair.

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